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Institutional Scaffolding Support

F&A helps colleges and university programs develop scaffolding to support a successful grant culture on campus, starting with the identification and analysis of strengths and challenges within the institution and recommendations to leverage strengths and overcome challenges.


General Workflow

Initial consultation with faculty, staff, and administration to identify strengths and challenges to developing successful grant production

  • Interview stakeholders

    • faculty about research interests, academic strengths, and professional goals

    • administrators on institutional policies and mission

    • staff about institutional practices and procedures

  • Information gathered on

    • past grant successes

    • current research interests among faculty

    • funding needs and interests in capital improvements

    • available tools and facilities

    • current program and institutional support for research/scholarship

  • A report will be produced

    • Summarize current research and scholarship activity

    • Summarize institutional assets and how to leverage and expand them

    • Identify appropriate funding resources for faculty program and institutional goals & objectives


Implementation moves from consultancy to action

  • Assist the institution to reach its goals

  • Create a series of customized workshops & seminars that address these goals

  • Mentor faculty and appropriate administrators

  • Discuss the benefits of internal and external collaboration

  • Shepherd a few grants through the entire process as per contractual agreement

Additional consulting available to support campus-wide research and scholarship to

  • Focus on undergraduate research and interdisciplinary research/scholarship

  • Concentrate on current funding trends - federal, state, local, as well as private foundations


Consulting fees for strategic planning to create a culture of campus-wide research and scholarship depends on specific institutional needs. Contact F&A for more details.  

Click here for downloadable examples of consulting documents.

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