Workshop Fee Structure

F&A provides workshops on proposal development.  Workshops take two forms, “complete” or “custom”, with the latter tailored to the needs of those clients who require a deeper dive into selected components of strategic proposal development.


The complete workshop comprises online modules in the following areas: 

  • Ideation, sourcing, and outreach - how to navigate the landscape of funding agencies, draft and explore creative ideas, align them with appropriate funding mechanisms, and work with institutional offices, subject matter experts, and potential partner organizations

  • Writing, support docs, and submission - how to design and write a strong proposal and supporting documentation and comply with submission specifications and deadlines

  • Execution and reporting - how to monitor, adjust, and assess ongoing programs to ensure accurate and complete reporting 

  • Long-term planning - how to monitor grant programs and cycles to help meet your organization’s mission while increasing the likelihood of future awards. This can include continued ideation for future projects, awareness of the evolving grant environment, and networking within and beyond your organization to position it for future proposals.

  • Scenarios and discussion questions, with the option to submit feedback and receive asynchronous feedback from F&A via email and, if desired, up to two hours of live/real-time feedback using Zoom 


Complete workshop fees are graded based on total number of attendees: 

  • $75/person for three to five attendees 

  • $65/person/workshop-hour for six to ten attendees 

  • $50/person/workshop-hour for eleven to sixteen attendees 


Custom workshops offer modules/topics plus additional activity tailored to client needs, such as: 

  • Further detail in any of the above topic areas, specific topics defined by the client, or a customized combination of topics  

  • Analysis of triaged or rejected proposals and/or successful proposals previously submitted by the organization 

  • Up to six hours of live/real-time content delivery, discussion, feedback with F&A 


Custom workshops may be conducted entirely online, but hybrid or entirely on-the-ground formats are possible as pandemic restrictions ease.  Workshop fees are graded based on workshop location (on-the-ground vs virtual), total number of attendees, and desired proportion of asynchronous versus live/real-time content delivery, discussion, and work.  Please request a quote from F&A.

Downloadable Workshop Structure and Fees document.