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Workshop Structure Outline

F&A works with clients to craft proposal development workshops customized to meet current grant-writing needs of individuals and organizations. Workshops take two forms, “complete” or “custom”, with the latter tailored to the needs of those clients who require a deeper dive into selected components of strategic proposal development.


General Workflow

Initial consultation to discuss client's preferred format, style, and content options.

  • Live or self-paced online, in-person, or hybrid format

  • Session style: webinar/seminar (longer presentation and discussion), workshop (shorter presentation followed by time for participants to do work, e.g. in breakout rooms)

  • Content - pre-submission (strategy and sourcing, partnerships, budgeting, etc.), post-submission (adjustments, assessments, reporting, etc.), long-term planning to increase likelihood of future awards

  • Desired outcomes for workshop participants


F&A builds the workshop while the client recruits participants

  • Client schedules dates/times, physical rooms (as needed), video conference meetings (as needed)

  • F&A drafts workshop advertisements for the client

  • F&A drafts a pre-workshop questionnaire, client sends to participants 2-4 weeks in advance of start date

  • F&A adjusts workshop content based on participant responses

  • Client determines whether ancillary materials or services will be desired, such as poulating a learning management system

F&A delivers the workshop

  • As participants raise questions/issues, adjustments are made as reasonably possible

  • If F&A cannot fully address a complex question on the fly, we follow up within a few days

F&A obtains feedback from client and/or workshop participants

Workshop fees depend on its structure and the number of participants. Contact F&A for more details.  

Click here for downloadable workshop document with examples of recent workshops.

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