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Increase access to federal funding

Create a culture of research

Respond to the changing demographic

We offer a strategic approach to grant support across four areas:


Client-driven Comprehensive Grant Training

  • Offer workshops/presentations in all aspects of grant application that include ongoing mentoring opportunities and support.  Read More

  • Assist colleges/university programs develop scaffolding to support a successful campus grant culture. Read More

  • Help Individuals & institutions transition to more complex grants that can impact careers, involve entire campus, or jumpstart fundraising. Read More

  • Provide individualized review and evaluation of single grants and ongoing reviews in support of a department or program. Read More

Schedule a Workshop

Fiorini & Associates provides comprehensive grant proposal development assistance.

F&A Mission

Fiorini & Associates is a team of academicians and private-sector advisors who bring a unique perspective to grant strategy. We are not just grant writers, although we do write grants. We are not just trainers, although we do provide training. Where we differ is, as academics, we've been in your shoes and understand the intensity of the grant process. We apply our experience and substantial expertise to enable institutions to build a culture that grows revenue, enhances prestige, attracts faculty, and increases enrollment. From multi-million-dollar federal grants to modest foundation awards, the F&A team employs a proven approach to achieve success.

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