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A strategic approach to grant proposal development, editing, and support.


Fiorini & Associates provides comprehensive grant proposal development assistance to academic institutions, businesses, and non-profit organizations interested in STEM-related research and educational projects.

Collectively, the NSF, NIH, DoE, and DHS awarded over $160 billion in grants for fiscal year 2022. F&A was awarded and administered grants from these four agencies totaling over $25 million.

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We specialize in all aspects of bid and proposal development including ideation, strategizing/sourcing, supporting documentation, outreach, writing/editing, submission, implementation, reporting, and long-term planning.


The Funding Landscape

Financial capital is available to reimagine structure, clarify purpose, explore ideas, and better serve constituents. Current initiatives emphasize workforce development, regional partnerships, and community college engagement. However, the procurement of funds is often impeded by a dynamic landscape involving arcane processes, lack of coordination between agencies, and scattered allocative mechanisms. Fiorini & Associates is here to help.

The Markets

Over 26 federal agencies directly administer more than 1000 grant programs. State and local governments provide additional grant opportunities, in some cases supported by federal funds - over $160 billion in FY 2022 to higher education, government, and business by NSF, NIH, DHS, and DE - to implement a wide variety of local public policies in areas such as healthcare, transportation, income security, education, social services, community development, and environmental protection, among others.


Beyond government-sponsored grant programs, approximately 140,000 corporations, foundations, religious organizations, and individuals offer grant opportunities for substantial awards. Sites, such as the Foundation Center and the Funding Information Network, maintain extensive databases of funding opportunities and promote access to these resources.

The Markets


Current market trends and changing political, economic, and global climates compel organizations to reimagine their roles, structures, and operations, likely for the foreseeable future. Small to mid-sized academic institutions and business enterprises need funding to face these changes, and can qualify for grants either individually or in partnership (PPP) with other organizations to address issues such as infrastructure upgrade, remote learning, and social justice and sustainability. F&A positions its clients to be competitive in this environment.




Proposal development involves multiple stages, all important to success. Our services focus on our clients essential needs in the categories below. This comprehensive approach includes continual dialogue and discussion to best address the unique circumstances of every proposal. A variety of pricing structures and ancillary services provide flexibility to accommodate unusual requests and schedule training seminars for individual clients. 

Our Services


Generating, drafting, exploring, and discussing creative ideas with diverse team members is critical to innovative proposal development.  


Strategy & Sourcing

Strong proposals communicate a compelling story through an innovative design, aligned with an appropriate funding agency.

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Support Docs

Solicitations require varied supporting documents, which can include budgets, facilities and data management forms, support letters, and CVs. 



Successful programs require early cooperation among multiple institutional offices (particularly Development), potential partner organizations, and subject matter experts. 



Strong proposals capture the imagination of reviewers. A good narrative flow weaves a story that conveys organization goals and brings the program to life.  



Funding agencies require specific submission instructions, protocol, and deadlines. Proposals that do not follow exact specifications are often rejected before review. 



Ongoing programs require monitoring, assessing, and adjustments as they progress. Continual assessment places the program on a positive trajectory.



To ensure accurate and complete reporting, set up this stage at the beginning. Maintaining thorough records throughout the process ensures properly detailed reporting.


Long-term Planning

Pursuing opportunities that involve renewable grant cycles positions applicants to continue activities that increase the likelihood of future awards.


In Summary

Fiorini & Associates will bring creative energy to idea generation. We will work with clients to identify appropriate grant-funding agencies, construct ancillary documents critical to a proposal's success, assist in identifying and communicating with institutional offices necessary to proposal submission, weave a story that captures the imagination and expresses the goals of the organization, assure client understanding of submission protocols, provide insight in administering and managing programs, assist with report planning, and make certain proposals are relevant and forward leaning. For more information on constructing competitive proposals, please contact us here.


Should you prefer to develop your own proposals, but have no prior experience, Fiorini & Associates is available to organize and conduct workshops or seminars to assist. For more information on workshop structure and registration fees, please visit our workshop page here.

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