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Eugene Fiorini

University of Delaware                 PhD, MS, Mathematics
                                                       Graduate Work, Mathematics Education
Temple University                         MS, Statistics
University of New Hampshire     Graduate Work, Mathematics Education
Pennsylvania State University      BS Mathematics (Science/Business concentrations)

Areas of Special Interest
Graph Theory, Combinatorics, Statistics, Biomathematics, Mathematical Forensics, Discrete Mathematical Modeling, Mathematics and Science Education

Professional Employment
  • Muhlenberg College, Allentown, PA
    Aug 2015 - Aug 2020        Truman Koehler Professor of Mathematics
  • Rutgers University - Center for Discrete Mathematics & Theoretical Computer Science
    Jul 2008 - Aug 2015           DIMACS Associate Director & Research Professor
  • Shippensburg University, Shippensburg, PA
    Apr 2004 - Aug 2007         Associate Dean & Interim Dean, College of Arts & Sciences
    Sep 1999 - Apr 2004          Chair, University Scholarship Committee
    May 2006 - Jun 2008          Professor of Mathematics
    Apr 1998 - May 2006         Associate Professor of Mathematics
    Sep 1993 - Apr 1998          Assistant Professor of Mathematics
  • Washington College, Chestertown, MD
    Sep 1993 - Aug 1994          Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics
                                                 Director, Mathematics Tutoring Center
  • Widener University, Chester, PA
    Sep 1991 - Aug 1993          Visiting Lecturer in Mathematics
Sample of Recent Grants
National Science Foundation (Served as PI, Co-PI, or Senior Personnel)
  • ​REU: Research Challenges of Computational Methods in Discrete Mathematics
    Moravian University, DMS-2150299
  • REU: Research Challenges of Computational and Experimental Mathematics
    Moravian University, DMS-1852378
  • Algebraic and Extremal Graph Theory Conference
    University of Delaware, DMS-1649807
  • REU: Research Challenges in Identifying Integer Sequences Using the OEIS
    Muhlenberg College, DMS-1560019
  • Conference on Challenges of Identifying Integer Sequences
    DIMACS-Rutgers University, DMS-1445898
  • DIMACS REU in Computing Theory and Multidisciplinary Applications
    DIMACS-Rutgers University, CCF-1263082
  • NSF REU PI Meeting
    Philadelphia, PA, Subaward to CCF-1004956
  • DIMACS/DIMATIA US/Czech International REU Program
    DIMACS-Rutgers University, CCF-1004956
  • Challenge of Interdisciplinary Education: Math-Bio
    DIMACS-Rutgers University, COMAP, DRL-1020166
  • Effects of Genome Structure and Sequence and Sequence on the Generation of Variation and Evolution Conference
    DIMACS- Rutgers University, CCF-0432013
  • DIMACS/CCICADA/DIMATIA Research Experiences for Undergraduates
    DIMACS-Rutgers University, CCF-0648985
  • US-African Biomathematics Initiative
    DIMACS-Rutgers University, DMS-0829652
Professional Organizations and Private Foundations (Served as PI)
  • SLIMES: Spotted Lanternfly Investigated through Mathematical and Environmental Sciences
    Trexler Foundation, Allentown, PA
    Mathematical Association of America Tensor Grant, Washington, DC
  • Workshop on NIMBY: Mathematical and Computational Tools for Decision Making
    Mathematics for Planet Earth, NSF DMS-1246305
  • Community College Writers Workshop: Sustainability Modules for the College Classroom
    Mathematics for Planet Earth, NSF DMS-1246305
  • InForMMS: Investigating Forensic Mysteries through the Mathematical Sciences
    Mathematical Association of America Tensor Grant, Washington, DC
  • InForMMS: Investigating Forensic Mysteries through the Mathematical Sciences-Plus
    Trexler Foundation, Allentown, PA
    Mathematical Association of America Tensor Grant, Washington, DC
  • Mathematical Association of America NREUP
    • Identifying Sieves and Primitive Integer Triples Using the OEIS
    • Topologically Equivalent Graphs and Pattern Recognition
    • Applying Graphs to Twitter and Brain Connectivity
    • Sustainability and Graph Theory
    • Graph Theory, Algorithms, and Applications
    • Modeling Hudson River Species and Class-0 Subgraphs
Journal Articles
  • Cycles & Girth in Pebble Assignment Graphs (w. J. Johnston, M. Lind A. Woldar & W. H. T. Wong), Graphs and Combinatorics, accepted.

  • On Properties of Pebble Assignment Graphs (w. M. Lind & A. Woldar), Graphs and Combinatorics, 38(45) 2021.

  • On the Assignment Graphs of Oriented Graphs (w. J. Glassband, G. Koch, S. Lebiere, X. Liu, E. Sabini, N. Shank, & A. Woldar), arXiv:2111.04882[math.CO], Nov 2021.

  • Characterizing Winning Positions in the Impartial Two-player Pebbling Game on Complete Graphs (w. M. Lind, A. Woldar, & W. H. T. Wong), Journal of Integer Sequences, 24(6) 2021.

  • Nimber sequences of Node-Kayles Games (w. S. Brown, S. Daugherty, B. Maldonado, D. Manzano-Ruiz, S. Rainville, R. Waechter, & T. W. H. Wong), Journal of Integer Sequences, 23(3) 2020.

  • Preface to the Special Issue of Discrete Mathematics: Dedicated to the Algebraic and Extremal Graph Theory Conference, August 7-10, 2017, University of Delaware, USA (w. S. Cioaba, R. Coulter, & Q. Xiang), Discrete Mathematics, 342(10), October 2019

  • Primes and perfect powers in the Catalan triangle (w. N. Benjamin, G. Fickes, E. Jaramillo-Rodriquez, E. Jovinelly, & T. W. H. Wong), Journal of Integer Sequences, 22(6) 2019.

  • Coordinating a large, amalgamated REU program with Multiple Funding Sources (w. K. Myers & Y. Naqvi), Problems, Resources, and Issues in Mathematics Undergraduate Studies (PRIMUS), Spring 2017

  • Connectance, robustness, and the Hudson River food web (w. U. Ghosh-Dastidar), Proceedings of 2014 International Conference of Business and Applied Sciences Academy of North America (BAASANA), 2014

  • Undergraduates and research: motivations, challenges, and the path forward (w. W. E. Wong, J. Ding, and C. Hansen), Proceedings of IEEE CSEE&T, May 2013.

  • Graph pebbling: symmetric class-0 subgraphs of complete graphs (in preparation, with V. deSilva and C.J. Verbeck), DIMACS Technical Report, 2012

  • Powerpoint presentation: ship it – textbooks go global,  IPSL Proceedings,  Spring 2006

  • The future interdisciplinary classroom, Project Kalidescope Proceedings , Spring 1999

  • Extremal properties of generalized four-gons, SSHE-MA Conference Proceedings, Spring 1998

  • Developing mathematics-related activities for the classroom.  (with A. Acusta & J. Miller), Mathematics and Computer Education, 1998

  • Increasing student activity levels. (joint with D. Ensley), Proteus, 1998

  • An extremal characterization of the incidence graphs of projective planes. (with F. Lazebnik), Acta Applicandae Mathematicae, 1998

  • On the maximum number of 8-cycles in a bipartite graph of girth at least six. (with F. Lazebnik), Congressus Numerantium, 1994

Contributions to the On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences

A259558, A259559, A259562, A259564, A260360, A260373, A260374, A260375, A275481, A275586, A308853, A309088, A309089, A309257, A309258, A309259, A309344, A309345, A316533, A316629, A316632, A316781, A317027, A317367, A336764, A340631, A346189, A346197, A346198, A346199, A346204, A346401, A347637

Books, Chapters, Modules

  • Time Series Applications in Energy-Related Issues. (w. K. Shirley) CCICADA, 2017

  • Modeling Neuron Networks: The neuroscience of pain. (w. T. Cannon), COMAP, 2016

  • CrIME: Criminal investigation through mathematical examination. (w. L. Godbold, T. Fleetwood), COMAP, 2016

  • Smart Driving: reducing emissions by choosing “greenest’ path . (w. B. Piccoli), DIMACS, 2013

  • Modeling reality with functions: graphical, numerical, analytical, (w. J. Miller) 1st ed. Kendall-Hunt, Spring, 2000

Graduate Student Thesis Advisor

  • Gail Auimiller, 2002, Development of Algebra Manipulatives.

  • Gaynaile Nowak, 2001, Statistical analysis of insurance data.

  • Jason Rosenberry, 1999, Development of web-based geometry activities.

  • Michael Failor, 1997, Acceptable meconium drug testing methods based on the analysis of false- positive and false-negative test results.

  • Cindy Martin, 1997, Classification of counterexamples to a generalization of Ore’s theorem.

  • Amy Smith, 1997, Developmental steps in geometry.

  • Mark Yost,1996, An alternative approach to Redei’s theorem.

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