Fee Structure and Logistics

Initial Consultation

Initial project consultations are free, will last up to two hours in total, and can consist of one to three separate meetings. 


This consultation will cover the potential client’s conception of the project, development of ideas, and discussion of strategies. F&A will provide the potential client with a written summary of the free consultation that will address : 

  • Feasibility of the proposed program structure in the context of available client resources and facilities;

  • The degree to which initial ideas are consistent with grantor’s goals and objectives, client institution’s mission/goals, and authors’ vision/intent;

  • The fit between the envisioned final proposal and current funding agency guidelines;

  • Key milestones and outline for how we would proceed to work with the client; some projects may not be viable for F&A and the summary will note this.



After the initial consultation F&A will request a retainer if the client wishes to work further with us. The retainer will be a small percentage of the projected project budget and will be between $500 and $2,500, depending on the nature of F&A’s work for the project and the type of client organization (not-for-profit, for-profit, municipality, etc.). An assessment about the retainer will be made after the initial consultation and included in the summary report to the potential client.

Fees for Smaller Projects

Smaller projects are those with a projected budget up to $200,000. We conduct these engagements based on a flat rate, determined by the proposal budget and the nature of the client organization. The number of F&A associates involved depends on the size of the project.


Fees for Larger Projects

Larger projects are those with a projected budget in excess of $200,000. Clients are charged 2% of the total proposal budget up front, and an additional 3% of the total awarded budget if the proposal is successful.


Hourly Rate Option

If a client needs only a few hours of consultation or only needs assistance with specific aspects of proposal development, the client has the option of paying an hourly rate rather than either the flat rate or percentage fees. The hourly rate is $125/associate/hour. For limited consulting, no more than two associates will be assigned to these projects.